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The day you commit to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, should be everything you have ever wanted it to be.

Love is fun and warm and makes people happy, so as a celebrant that's what I aim to bring to your wedding day.  


A wedding isn't about paperwork. It's about standing up with the person you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, perhaps in front of your friends and family, perhaps just the two of you, and saying this is the person who makes my heart skip a beat, this is the person who makes me happy. 

With a celebrant led wedding you can have the ceremony where you want, when you want and include anything you want.  

Although a Celebrant cannot perform the legal part of your wedding (yet!) , this can be done a few days  before at your Register Office. It costs around £75.00 (this varies slightly depending on the county) and takes about 10 minutes.  After that you are free to do as you choose. 

Couples who like laughter, warmth and really want to put their own spin on their ceremony are right up my alley. I love getting into a theme, but am a big believer in love being the greatest story, so work really hard to get to know what makes you tick.


I have two packages on offer, Script Only and Full Service.


The Full service includes

♥ Initial discovery meeting where I get to know all about you both, discuss symbolic elements and we can eat cake!
♥ Support with readings and poems
♥ A WhatsApp group for you to stay in touch
♥ Zooms as you need them including individual catch-ups for secret vow plotting!
♥ Bespoke script writing including reviews and editing
♥ Conducting the ceremony; exclusivity on your wedding day, including arrival 1 hour before, calming nerves and          unlimited waiting because if you can’t be late on your wedding day……..
♥ Personalised reading cards, certificate, vow booklets that all tie in with your invites
♥ A professional hardback ceremony book including photos from your day
♥ An awful lot of fun!

Script only includes


♥ Initial discovery meeting via Zoom or face to face in my office

♥ Support with readings and poems

♥ Bespoke script writing including reviews and editing

♥ A zoom or face to face session with the person who will be delivering your ceremony where I can share hints and tips

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What's included

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Initial face-to-face or Skype consultation with continued support throughout your planning.

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Professional delivery of your ceremony plus a rehearsal at the venue if appropriate. (Full service only)

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Assistance with poem, reading and music choices. Advice on how to structure your celebration.

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A presentation copy of your script and commemorative certificate.

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The words of your ceremony will be written just for you, completely personal to your story, no templates.

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Travel is included up to 20 miles from my base (Full service only) 

Symbolic Elements

A Symbolic Ceremony is an element that is sometimes included to represent your relationship, your cultures and your own traditions through the use of ritual. Often the element includes a keepsake for an added memory of your day. They can symbolise unions of love, or unions of families and children and guests can be included. Whatever your beliefs, a symbolic element can be included. I'm happy to help you source the equipment required and of course discuss the costs with you at your initial meeting.


Hand Fasting

Hand Fastings are becoming more popular in wedding ceremonies today but their origins are in Pagan ritual. In fact it is where the phrase 'Tying the Knot' came from. These days it represents the joining of two people together with a chord or ribbon. Together the chord becomes a symbol of your everlasting love.

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Candle Lighting

Candles have been used in ceremonies since the dawn of time, and there are many ways to incorporate them into yours. Its a great way to involve family and friends who can light a candle to wish you well. Afterwards those who have joined with you in the ceremony have a keepsake to take home. I can provide bespoke personalised candles.

Sands Ceremony

Grains of sand mingled together forever, never to be separated. You can see why these beautiful sand ceremonies are so popular these days. Again, this is a element that can be used at all sorts of ceremonies, and you can actually have as many colours as there are in the rainbow. Afterwards you again have a keepsake of your day.


Ring Warming

Involve all your guests in your ceremony with a ring warming. This is where you ask every person present to hold the rings in a pouch or box then pass them from person to person, making a wish for your future as they hold the rings in the palm of their hand.

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Wedding, Civil Partnership and Renewal of Vows

Full Service £650.00

Script only £350.00

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"Our wedding day was beyond perfect. I was terrified of walking in, in front of people and seeing you waiting for me at the top of the stairs made all my fears go away. You knew straight away how to put us at our ease, and understood all our fears. We knew we could call you at any time about ANYTHING and you would help us through. You became so much more than a became our friend. You not only understood our 'oddities' you embraced them, and encouraged us to stand by our choices."

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