Celebrations of Life, Memorials and Funerals

When the time comes to say goodbye to a loved one, there is no easy way. It can be a difficult, confusing time, particularly if you have not faced it before.  Your last good-bye should be a a beautiful, heartfelt time with your loved one at the centre.

As a Civil Celebrant, I will be there to support you through this difficult time and to ensure that the ceremony is a true reflection of your loved one, whilst at the same time offering comfort to those left behind. 

Every person is different, and therefore every ceremony is different, each one personal and focused entirely on the beliefs, wishes and values of you and your loved ones.


Whatever the circumstances of your loved ones death, I will work with you, your family and if you have chosen to use one, your Funeral Director, to ensure that this final ceremony is everything you wish it to be. 

You can include religious content if you wish, or it can be totally secular. I will advise you on music and readings if you wish, or will be guided by you. 

My job is to help you create a fitting tribute to your loved one. 

Ceremony fees start at £180.00. For more information please visit the Prices and Packages Page. 

Ashes Scattering and Interment Ceremonies


Sometimes a family knows exactly what they want to do with the ashes of a loved one. Occasionally you may wish to make this a more formal occasion, or you may want some support and guidance. 

It could be that you just want someone there who can step in, if the words you want to say become to much. Or you may wish to have a further memorial ceremony or life celebration. 

As with all my ceremonies it will be totally personal to you. 

Ceremony fees start at £50.00. 

Pre-Planning Your Funeral or Memorial Ceremony

More and more people are taking ownership of their own funeral. There are a number of reasons for this, they wish to take the pressure off their families, or they just know exactly what they want. 

By pre-planning your ceremony, you give your family the peace of mind, knowing that the ceremony is exactly how you would want it to be. 

Whatever the kind of ceremony you would like I can help plan it for you, with suggestions of suppliers who can help, to accompanying you on visits to venues. 

I can visit you where ever you want and will work with you, and any family that wish to join in planning your final farewell. 

We can talk about poems, readings, play music, and I can support you as you speak to people about your funeral. 

Afterwards I can draft a ceremony for you which you can then check, amend, and pass to others who you may wish to include. Once you are happy with the ceremony I will provide two copies of the script, one for delivery, and one for you to pass to the executor of your will, or whoever will be organising your funeral if this is not the executor of your will. of I will also provide a memory stick which will contain the ceremony, the wording for the Order of Service, and any poems or readings that you have asked others to read. 

As life is fickle, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to deliver the ceremony on the day, but if you wish me to, please ensure this is clear in your wishes so the organiser, be that Funeral Director or family member know to contact me before booking the ceremony. 

Prices start at £130.00. Please check the prices and packages page or contact me

Pet Funerals

As someone who is owned by a cat, nobody can tell me that Macintosh isn't a member of my family. In my darkest and loneliest times he was always there.

Grief over the loss of a pet is as real and as valid as any grief which is why I offer this service. 

The format follows a similar vein to the other ceremonies I take, we meet and talk and I create a personalised service. This is then delivered in a location of your choice.


For more information or if you just want a chat contact me. 

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