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The welcoming of a new child to a family is such an important occasion and one that deserves celebrating whether you are religious or not.

I'm not going to fib, I do love any excuse for a cuddle with a little one, so naming ceremonies tick the box, but oooooh they are so full of wonderful stuff. Full of love, full of joy, full of laughter. 

A naming ceremony is a wonderful alternative if a christening is not for you, and like with any celebrant led ceremony they can be held anywhere and at anytime. I've been in gardens, pubs, town halls, in marquees, at a picnic in a park. As long as we aren't trespassing or breaking any laws the worlds your lobster. 

And naming ceremonies aren't just for new babies. You can hold them for adopted children, or when a family blends to acknowledge the new dynamics. You can hold them for yourself (click here for more information on those). Children can be absolutely any age at all. 

The ceremony begins like many others by welcoming everyone who has gathered and explaining why we are there. We take the opportunity for parents to make promises to their child, tell your story, acknowledge those who are special and important in your family lives, and we talk about your hopes for your child and your family for the future. If you've decided to have supporting adults (or god parents, or guide parents, you can decide what to call them), then we ask them to make a promise too. And we welcome the child into the community. And of course, we name the child, with an explanation as to the meaning and choices behind each name, which is the first gift a child is given. You can include readings and stories and songs and make it a real family affair. 

Every naming ceremony is so personal, from the choosing of the name through to the love story that brought the child into the world, but by getting to know you, I can suggest elements you may wish to include, from a rainbow sand ceremony, to a memory jar. What about planting a tree, that can grow with your child, or a time capsule, with wishes from everyone there and some key memory items from the year they were born, to be opened on their 18th birthday? 

A naming ceremony lasts around 25 minutes (baby people have such short attention spans these days!) but of course they can be longer or shorter. I arrive an hour early to set up and make sure all is OK, but am completely flexible on start times. As with weddings and renewal of vows, I only take one ceremony a day, so if the guest of honour has decided that five minutes before the ceremony is the perfect time for a nap/feed/nappy change that's absolutely fine.  It all adds to the fun! 

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What's included



Initial face-to-face or Zoom consultation with continued support throughout your planning.



Professional delivery of your celebration ceremony.



Assistance with poem, reading and music choices. Advice on how to structure your celebration.



A presentation copy of your script and commemorative certificate.



The words of your ceremony will be written just for you, completely personal to your story, no templates.



Travel is included up to 20 miles from my base.

Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies


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"Leni carried out our daughter's Naming Day Ceremony, and the entire day could not have been more perfect. From the initial consultation to discover our needs, to the personalised script for the ceremony, she covered every detail we could of thought of, and many that we didn't! We were so happy to have Leni as a part of our day, and can't thank her enough."

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