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GUEST BLOG!! Emma from Doodah Designs tells us how to tell your wedding story in pictures.

Telling your story

Hiring a photographer for your wedding is a given these days. Even if you’re completely camera-shy this is the one day when you’ll not only put yourself in front of the lens but also pay for the privilege.

For some people it’s their dream to get dressed up in their finest and pose it up for hours to get some really arty shots, whilst for others this attention would seem like a nightmare.

However you feel about having your picture taken, the thing to remember is that it’s your day, so you should decide how the photography goes. The secret to making that happen is to find a photographer who listens to you and is adaptable. They’ll be with you all day so make sure it’s someone you feel comfortable with and trust.

Be clear about what you want from your photos. Do you imagine a huge canvas on your living room wall or a simple album to memorialise the day and hand down to future generations? Knowing how you are going to use your photographs in the future can help to give your photographer a clue about what sort of shots will be important to you.

Style is important too. Lots of photographers have a very strong style, whilst others are more adaptable. Make sure you like the photos in their portfolio and go armed to your consultation with some images you like (Pinterest is great for this). Ask them how they would go about creating a similar image for you. Often candid photos have had some input from the photographer to make them seem relaxed and informal. Find out to what extent your photographer will direct you and consider whether you are happy with whatever level of involvement they propose.

All photographers will try to get as much time with you as possible on the day. Be clear about how much time you want to give over to portrait and formal photos but be wary of cutting it too short, even if you think you’ll feel awkward in front of the camera, a good photographer should put you at ease; and remember you’ll not get a second chance to go back and do it again.

It’s worth building a relationship with your photographer. I’d recommend always meeting them face-to-face before committing to hiring them. Try chancing your hand at getting a free engagement shoot. Lots of photographers will do them at a discount or even free if they think it will get them the main gig. It’s a great way to see if you get along and to see how they work.

The main thing to remember is it’s your day, so make sure you get the service and the final product the way you want it. Be clear about your requirements and listen to advice. This is probably your first time, but your photographer will do this several times a year and they’ll have all the tips and tricks to make you look your best. Collaboration is the key!

Emma Duder

Doodah Designs

Doodah Designs offers wedding photography, floristry and stationery design. Three bespoke services from one local vendor. Find out more at

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