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Every story is different, there's no template to life

Have you ever sat in a wedding and thought – 'Heard that – boring'. Or gone to a funeral and listened and thought ' that’s not the person I knew'.  Do you want a ceremony that tells your story, and isn't full of cliches but includes just the right amount of tradition? Or throws tradition out of the door and says 'Hello world- here I am!'   Well you've come to the right place!

Whether you want a wedding ceremony that wows, a naming ceremony that is talked about for years or a funeral service that actually focuses on the life of the person you loved, I can help tell you tell your story your way. With over 20 years' experience working in events, I bring a black book of tricks, 'a wicked sense of humour' and imagination to help your dream ceremony become a reality. According to one of my testimonies 'spending time with Leni is like being wrapped in a hug' 

Based right in the middle of the country in Derby, with a second base in the wolds of Lincolnshire, I travel the East Midlands and beyond to deliver my ceremonies in some of the most beautiful places in the country.  

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I'm Leni, and I'm a life celebrant. 

I've always loved getting to know people, and have been able to embelish a tale since I was young. But it was seeing a celebrant at work that made me realise that I could do that, and I've never looked back! 


Couples Ceremonies

For all types of union

From weddings, to renewals of vows, say 'this is my person' to the world in a way that truly tells your story.

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Naming Ceremonies

Celebrate new beginnings

Whether celebrating a new birth, welcoming a child into your family or simply starting living life on your terms a naming ceremony can be the perfect start to a new journey


End of Life Ceremonies

To say goodbye

Everyone is different so funerals and celebrations of life should never be a cookie cut ceremony.  Tell the story you want to with a ceremony written with love. 



"If you want a celebrant it has to be Leni. She's such an awesome person to be around, putting everyone at ease, and wickedly funny. She is quite simply the best.


She didn't just perform our ceremony, she made the whole experience extra special.



Constantly keeping in touch throughout the months, reassuring, kind, thoughtful, and so helpful. Leni is fantastic".

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Get in Touch

Thanks for your message. I will be in touch as soon as I can

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