Every story is different and there is no template to life. 

Let's tell your story. 

Hi I'm Leni, I have a degree in Jazz hands (no really I do!) and over 20 years experience in the wedding  and events industry, from catering to sales. Celebrancy really is a vocation for me and I start every ceremony I write from a blank page. Your story really deserves to be told in the way you want it to be. 


Celebrant-Led Ceremonies crafted with love, created from your words and your life

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Coffin Club Derby is affiliated with Coffin Club UK™, as featured on the BBC documentary 'A Dead Good Adventure' and was the first club in the East Midlands, founded by Leni as she passionately believes in all it stands for. 


In 2018 Leni qualified as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. She provides courses for groups and on a 1:1 basis, on the Grief Recovery Method, Helping Children with Loss, and Helping with Pet Loss. The Grief Recovery Method gives people the tools to move forward following a loss. 

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