Leni Robson celebrant

What is a Celebrant?

An independent Civil Celebrant is someone who creates and leads a ceremony. Some only focus on weddings and naming ceremonies, some focus on funerals, and some are trained to deliver all three. This means that we can include what you want, and are not restricted by anything, such as religion, culture or location.

So does that mean you can't have any religious content?

No, if you want to include religion, cultural or spiritual references and content then you can. An independent Civil Celebrant can include them into your ceremony.  It's your ceremony, your way.

What makes a your ceremonies different?

Freedom of choice. It is not restricted by licences, and as long as there are no public restrictions and you aren't breaking any laws such as trespassing you can have it almost anywhere and you aren't restricted in the content. You have the freedom to create a ceremony which keeps you at the heart of it.

Are you a Humanist?

No I'm not, although I work in a very similar way to a humanist celebrant, a humanist will not include religious content. 

So do Celebrants have a religion?

I can't tell you about other Celebrants but I believe that love is at the heart of what I do, every ceremony starts with a blank page, and every story is unique.