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GUEST BLOG!! Amanda from Lace and Love talks about SHOES! And how to make yours extra special.

At Lace and Love we work with brides on a close and personal basis when designing their wedding shoes. Each pair of shoes is designed to reflect the individual style of the bride and their personality.

We are strong believers that you shouldn't change who you are for your wedding and your shoes should be no exception. If you always wear flats, have flats, if you always wear statement shoes, have a special statement pair. You as an individual are unique, embrace that.

Brides should feel comfortable and most of all beautiful on their special day. Our aim is to bring that individuality to the shoes and make brides feel confident. In order to be able to design the shoes for the bride we find out about their style and their likes. We chat about the wedding, venue, theme and colours. We often have pictures of the dress and bridesmaid dresses too so we can get an overall view to be able to best mock up a design for the client. Some brides have ideas of features they would like to include while others don't have such a vision.

Trends do sometimes play a part in what brides ask for but even when following a trend there are always unique twists we can take on that. We encourage brides to include that personal touch. While shoes used to be a last minute forgotten about detail, they seem to be talking a more prominent role in the wedding these days and we are seeing a lot of coloured and more statement shoes as opposed to the plain neutral ones previously. Brides are daring to be bold and be themselves rather than follow the strict traditions.

Brides have said it means a lot to have something so personal and special for their wedding day, especially when we can add things such as notes to the soles, initials or pictures into the designs and other details which mean a lot to the couple. They are such a talking point of the wedding and some brides even class them as more important than the dress!

Perhaps another reason for having something less traditional is the fact that they can them wear them again after the wedding day. Whatever the reason, brides have told me again and again they are so happy to have some unique shoes just for them and can't stop looking at them!

Lace and Love went viral on 2018 with a very special pair of shoes. You can read all about them here

For more information check out their facebook page

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